Visiting the west coast for the first time was definitely a check off the bucket list. As we arrived to Los Angeles, we went straight to Santa Monica to enjoy the beach, water, and pier. It was a little chilly, but I was sure to get in and enjoy the water. Once the whole group arrived we enjoyed the pier, which is similar to Navy Pier in Chicago. We rode the ferris wheel, which isn’t quite as big as the one in Chicago but offered a nice view of the ocean. The pier had food, entertainment and we watched the sun set in the distance behind the mountain. It was absolutely beautiful with the sounds of the ocean and the views as the sun went down.

The next day we got a decent start to go to Griffith Observatory. We did not hike up, but the views of the city and Hollywood sign were definitely eye pleasing. The observatory was nice as well. We did not make a show but they have showings the first Friday of every month. We did not hike higher due to our list of adventures but the hike down was nice. We then walked 3 miles to the Hollywood stars were saw many stars such as Jennifer Anniston and Jennifer Lopez. We ran into a parade woth dancers, music, and confetti.  The feel was what I would imagine mardy gras to be.  We then found food at a chicken place were I had chicken wings. We then went to China Town. Were u was able to reminisce about my adventures in China. It was nice and I enjoyed the stores and scenery. After China Town we went to the farmers market were I had a fried apple fritter. We ended our night at the lights in front f the Art museum. LA definitely gives you a sense of giddy and excitement woth the bustle of people, neighborhoods, and scenery.

The week woth the scholars was definitely a great one. The kids greatly enjoyed it, and shed a couple tears towards the end.  This is our last program as a staff together due to San Francisco being a smaller conference. For our final night we went for late night food in Westown and late night ice cream. Tomorrow we fly out for San Francisco for our final sessions and the celebration of America’s birthday.