Vienna was a late decision trip, but we were able to go at a good price with Janine as well. We left at 9 am to catch the 2 hour train ride. We then got to Vienna, stored our baggage at the station and went to the castle where we got a tour of the castle, labyrinth, and the look out point.  We had a great overview of the city and even enjoyed the view while sitting in the grass.

We then checked into our hostel, which we had a little difficulties finding, and we were exhausted. Once found we set up our room and then went and got food for supper.  We checked out a local amusement park which did not have as many people as you would think.

The next day, May 20, we used the hop on hop off bus to see the city. We saw the sights that included the cathedral, United Nations, museums and much more. We got a tour of the United Nations which was more interesting than I expected. It was neat to see and hear about nations coming together to solve and  talk about issues. We got to go to the top of a tower and look over the city while sitting in a rotating restaurant while eating ice cream. We walked a lot through the city but enjoyed some local bratwurst as well. Tomorrow we will head to Paris and say our goodbyes to Janine.