May 12, 2016

A day in Rothenburg filled with city walks, museums, food and views.  We began our day with breakfast with fresh bakery bread. We then got on the road for an hour drive to Rothenburg. Rothenburg is known for its medieval town, Christmas shop/museum, and criminal museum. We began our day at the Christmas store and explored the many many ornaments and Christmas decorated room. We even met people from Iowa that go to school at Wartburg. Following we explored the Christmas museum, which provided much to know than I expected. I learned that the Christmas tree originated from Germany and came from the Tree of Life in the Adam and Eve story. I also enjoyed hearing that decorations began as apples and evolved into the ball ornaments we use today.

After the Christmas museum we walked about the city and wandered the shops. There was a Lindt Chocolate shop with many different kinds I had never heard of.  There’s was Birkenstock and many cuckoo clocks to go around. We then found a cafe and ate a pasta dish called Giganti. It was delicious.

After eating we went to the criminal museum where they showed many forms of torture used many many years ago. They had shame masks, and odd ways of torturing people. We then headed back to Hochstadt to enjoy supper.  We had homemade  schnitzel and salad.

For the night we went to a nearby town to enjoy Oktoberfest. It was packed with people standing on tables, drinking beer and enjoying each other. They had German live music but also American making it easy to sing along.