May 11, 2016

Today began with Katarina picking us up in Munich.  We drive 2 hours to her university town, Passau. Passau was beautiful and I known for 3 rivers joining at one place and for a giant church. We walked around and enjoyed the quaint shops and bought truffels that were very nice. We walked, and the streets were all cobblestone and the houses were brightly colored.

As we visited the cathedral, the art was amazing with grand organ. The architecture was very intricate to look at. After visiting the church, we met with a couple of Katarinas friends whom we ate with at a cafe. The cafe was brightly colored and I had a panini with orange coca cola. Following we went for a small hike to oversee the city. The hill was quite big, but worth the view from up top. We sat and enjoyed. We were able to see were the rivers joined and the different colors each individual river brought which was really neat.

We walked back down and sat I. The university green space. I took a nap. But it was neat to see all the students enjoying the sun, grilling and enjoying each other’s company. We then split, got some gelato and headed to Katarina hometown near Nurenburg called Hochstadt. Her mom made us a lovely dinner and we relaxed on the couch.