Paris, full of French, macaroons, live music and wine.  We enjoyed mastering the metro, seeing the sights and meeting people from the hostel, St Christopher’s.

We arrived May 21 from Vienna and flew to Paris. We got on the Metro and set out to find our hostel, St Christopher’s. It was pretty easy to find.  Once we checked in and got all of our stuff arranges we walked around the area which is near a canal. We found a local market and bought some bread with cheese, wine, and crepes of course and sat along the canal. It was very enjoyable. We then had a little to drink in the bar owned by the hostel and ended our night.

May 22 began around 9 am with breakfast in the lobby. We then hopped on the Metro towards Arc de Triumph the to the Eiffel tower. Even though it was rainy, we took 680 stairs to the second floor then the elevator to the top to take in the view of Paris. Next we went to the Catacombs. The line was very long and we waited an hour until we gave up due to rain And being cold. We went back to the hostel to clean up, nap, and supper. We decided to venture back out and see Notre Dame and the lights on the Eiffel tower, which were stunning!  To end our night, we spent Tim in the sports bar down below playing games and meeting others staying in the hostel.

May 23 is our final day in Paris before heading to Dublin. The day began rainy and miserable, but we trecked out to see Sacré Couer a church built in 1912. It was absolutely fabulous and we were there in time to attend mass. The mass was done mostly in French, butthe homily was done in 4 different languages including English. He had a great message and it was a rewarding experience. Following that, the weather cleared up making the day more enjoyable. We enjoyed crepes in the Montmartre district which in located by the church in top of a hill overlooking the city. It was a district full of art to enjoy. Following, we went to the Louvre.  We did not enjoy inside but walked around outside and then walked to Notre Dame to inside the church. We took the metro home and took a nap before getting supper. For supper we went to a gricery store and got some bread, cheese, meat, cider to enjoy by the canal to top off our night. Tomorrow we head to Dublin at 5 AM.