Our final destination was London. We traveled here on a 9 hour bus ride, which was a little rough. Once we arrived we bought Oyster cards for the metro to help with the cost. London is definitely an expensive city when it comes to using the metro. We then hung out for the rest of the night and didn’t do much. We played cards and got to bed early.

The next day, May 31, we got up at a decent time and went to different locations in London.  We went to Paddington station were a statue of Paddington is under the big clock. We checked out Baker Street were Sherlock Holmes lives, and went to platform 9 and three quarters to get our picture entering the secret platform at Kings Cross. That night we met up with Sophie, a camp friend of mine. It was nice to see and catch up after three years.

The next day was Harry Potter studios. Before getting on our scheduled bus, we had time to go see Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Place with the Changing of the Guard.  Our boys for Harry Potter left at 3 and our hour drive consisted of watching the first movie.  Once there, we enjoyed all of the props, costumes,sets and secrets into the making of Harry Potter. It was quite the place, and walking into the great hall was definitely impressive.  The studio as hands on allowing individuals to ride a broom and get k. The Hogwarts Express. The detail and work of the staff was definitely seen as you walked about.

Thursday June 1 was our final day and flight out of London.  We met up with one of Ellie’s friends for lunch and then got on our train for the airport to head home.

Our trip in Europe was great. Thanks to the hospitality of friends who helped guide us along and the fantastic food. Together we were able to navigate. Through the different cities and discover for ourselves.