I enjoyed two night in Kansas City in my fist AirBnB while discovering the area I will be student teaching in in a couple months. It was great to see my future school, along with enjoying what the city offers.

Our first night, we enjoyed the Starlight Theater.  With our student discount, we were able to enjoy a Broadway show for $10.  We saw If/Then, which is a new Broadway musical.  It was a good show, but also a little confusing as it required you to pay careful attention. Prior to the performance, we enjoyed a local pizza place were we had pizza.

To being the next day, we went to Olathe, where I met with my cooperating teacher.  It was great to be able to see where I would be student teaching and spending time.  We then went to the Union Station to see the Body Works exhibit.  It was an eye opening exhibition with cadavers.  You could see every part of the body with the muscles, bones, and organs in the body.  It was an eye opening experience.  After the exhibit we got on the free road cars that take you through the city.  We went to the market by the river and looked around the Power and Light District where we would be for the night.  We found a restaurant to enjoy their specials before the free concert, Billy Currington.  The concert was very good, considering it was free.

Before heading out on our last day, we enjoyed the plaza area.  We walked through the different shops, and the sculpture garden before leaving for the drive home.