Dublin is a lively city filled with walkers, few cross walks, and bars around.

May 24, was our first day in Dublin. We had an early flight from Paris and woke up at 4:30 AM to catch our flight. Even though we were groggy, we got to Dublin and found our hostel, Abbey Court. We are staying in an 8 all girl room with not as much space as the previous hostel. We stored our luggage and explored Dublin. We walked to find the Guinness Brewery were we learned everything you could ever want to know. It began with the ingredients of barley, hops, and water then dived into Guinness advertising. We learned how to properly taste and pour a glass of Guinness. We enjoyed a complimentary pint of Guinness in the gravity bar that overlooked the town of Dublin with a 360 degree view. We ended the night by eating supper at O’Neills were I had fish and chips and then to Temple Bar to get a drink and enjoy live music. The atmosphere was lively with a bar full of people.

May 25 is our final day in Dublin.  We got up and headed for the train station to get a ticket to Howth and back. Howth is a small community located along the shoreline of Ireland. We went on a hike over 5 miles along the coast and enjoyed the views. We were tired afterwards but enjoyed lunch at a local place were I had Bangers and Mash. We went back to our hostel were we took a nap.  We woke and decided we were craving Mexican. The first one we found was so full that you needed a reservation for a table. We then tried to track down Boojum which is a burrito place but ended up at Cactus which wasn’t the typical Mexican food but was still good. We got Small appetizers and then went across the whole for crepes for dessert. Following we wen back to the temple bar district to a different bar called The Quay. We got a drink and eventually met some local that worked at a nearby bank. They were friendly and provided a good end to tour time in Dublin.